31 – Aug / Barcelona / Check in: 12:00 pm till 04:00 pm – Departure: 05:00 pm

The cruise ship sets sail from the harbour of Barcelona and sails onto the Mediterranean Sea. The event starts immediately as selected artists kick off on the main deck.


01 – Sep / Ibiza / Arrival: 07:00 am – Departure: 08:00 pm

The Ark anchors at Europe’s most infamous party island Ibiza. You are given the chance to explore the island, attend the hottest parties and soak up the magic of this tropical paradise.


02 – Sep / Marseille / Arrival: 12:00 am / Departure: 05:00 pm

The Ark continues its journey towards the harbour of the romantic Marseille. Meanwhile top-notch artists and dazzling decorations are still fluently creating a unique party on board.


03 – Sep / Barcelona / Arrival: 06:00 am

The last day of The Ark all forces come together to work towards an ecstatic end of this trip. After a four-day festive vacation The Ark harbours at its beginning destination: Barcelona.